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Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse

The RN is responsible for daily activities of the health center as it relates to patient care and treatment under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

  • Provides nursing care and administers medications and treatments, as ordered by Physician/Nurse Practitioner
  • Works closely with CMO, Director of Operations, Practice Care Manager and Clinical Nurse Manager to ensure health center operates in coordinated, organized manner such that quality care and services are provided.
  • Serves as a member of Quality Assurance, Infection Control and other committees as deemed necessary.
  • Participates in development, review, revision, implementation and monitoring of policies/procedures at the direction of the Clinical Nurse Manager.
  • As directed by Clinical Nurse Manager, supervises LPN’s, Certified Medical Assistants/clinical support staff in all clinical activities
  • Provides oversight and direction in scheduling and follow-up visits for patients as clinically indicated, including triage.
  • Acts as care manager for patients with complex medical and behavioral health care needs;
  • Provides health education to patients and their families as needed.
  • Flexibility to work in both health center locations as assigned.
  • Maintain/oversee inventory and order medical supplies and materials.
  • Oversee/maintain logbooks for quality control.
  • Pre-Visit Planning.
  • ER/Hospital/Urgent Care Discharge planning, care coordination and transition of care
  • Utilize NYSIIS for immunization tracking/upload.
  • Administer injections as requested by MD/NP.
  • Participates in Chronic Care Management/Population Health Management Programs and other programs such as open house/medical screenings and community outreach initiatives as developed by the Center.
  • Assist Clinical Nurse Manager in recruitment and mentoring of nursing and clinical staff.
  • Acts as Care Manager for patients with complex medical and behavioral health needs;
  • Participates in daily huddle

May Be required to Assist with the Following:

  • Prepare examination/treatment rooms; measure vital signs (i.e. pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure) as well as height and weight and records information in EMR;
  • Clean and sterilize instruments as needed
  • Operate electronic electrocardiograph (EKG), and other equipment to administer routine diagnostic test or calls a medical facility to schedule patients for tests as needed.
  • Administer treatments and perform routine laboratory tests as needed


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