Board of Directors 

Harvey Lawrence
(Board Chair)
Chair, Executive & Audit Committees
President & CEO
Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health
Joey Marie Horton
(1st Vice Chair)
Chair, Governance Committee
Chief Executive Officer
North Country Family Health Center
Judith Watson
(2nd Vice Chair)
Chief Executive Officer
Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center, Inc.
Douglas L. York, PhD
Chair, Membership Committee
Chief Executive Officer
Union Community Health Center
David Nemiroff
Chair, Budget & Finance Committee
President & CEO
Harmony Healthcare Long Island
LaVonne Ansari, PhD
(Immediate Past Chair)
CEO & Executive Director
Community Health Center of Buffalo

Jason Barnecut-Kearns
Chief Executive Officer
Trillium Health
Lois J. Bookhardt-Murray
Chief Medical Officer
Morris Heights Health Center
Neil Calman, MD
Chair, Public Policy Committee
President & CEO
Institute for Family Health
Isaac Dapkins, MD
Chair, Clinical Committee
Chief Medical Officer
Family Health Centers at NYU Langone
Debbian Fletcher-Blake
Co-Chair, JEDI Advisory Committee
Chief Executive Officer
Vocational Instruction Project (VIP) Community Services
Carl Gaines
Consumer Board Representative
Board Member
Callen-Lorde Community Health Center

Joanne Haefner
Chair, HCCN Governance Committee
Chief Executive Officer
Neighborhood Health Center
David Kim, MD
Chair, Nominating Committee 
Chief Executive Officer & CMO
Beacon Christian Community Health Center
Michael Leary
Chair, Technology & Innovation Committee
President & CEO
Mosaic Health
Tamisha McPherson
Chief External Affairs & Development Officer/ Executive Director of URAM Harlem United

Michael C. Pease
Chief Executive Officer
The Chautauqua Health Center

Daniel Pichinson
Chair, Workforce Committee
Executive Director
Ryan-Chelsea Clinton
David H. Shippee
Chair, Reimbursement Committee
Chief Executive Officer
Whitney Young Health
Julia Tsien
Chief Executive Officer
Betances Health Center

Mary Ann Zelazny
Chief Executive Officer
Finger Lakes Community Health