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Optimizing the EHR Using the KLAS EHR Experience Survey: Session 2: EHR Training

Are you looking to optimize your EHR experience and streamline workflows? This series delves into the realm of EHR training, personalization tools, and documentation, leveraging invaluable insights from KLAS EHR Experience data. Whether you are a seasoned EHR user or just beginning to explore the possibilities of personalization, this series promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to unlock the full potential of your EHR system. This webinar series leverages KLAS Research data, an HCCN partner that works to bring insights around EHR use through various outlets, including the KLAS EHR Experience Survey and case studies. In this learning series we discussed:

•Session 1: Introduction to KLAS EHR Experience Survey and EHR Optimization

•Session 2: EHR Training

•Session 3: EHR Personalization Tools

•Session 4: EHR Documentation