Advocacy Coordinators

CHCANYS’ mission is to champion community-centered primary care
thradvocateough leadership, advocacy, and support of community health centers so that every community has primary care that encompasses all aspects of patient health and well-being. To safeguard and sustain the ability of CHCs to provide quality affordable health care services, advocacy is paramount to ensuring that CHCs, patients, and communities across New York State have a voice in the process and critical decisions being made by policymakers.  

Who Are Advocacy Coordinators? 
Advocacy coordinators have an important role in increasing and amplifying advocacy efforts by the community health center in coordination with CHCANYS policy and advocacy staff. Advocacy coordinators are individuals who are committed to advocating on behalf of their health center and patients and are actively engaged and involved with CHCANYS on federal, state, and local policy issues impacting health centers and their patients.  

What Are Advocacy Coordinators Expected To Do? 
Advocacy coordinators are expected to: 


  • Respond to CHCANYS’s action alerts; 

  • Provide relevant intelligence to CHCANYS policy and advocacy staff (e.g. after meeting with elected officials); 

  • Promote awareness on health center priorities and issues; and 
  • Increase advocacy engagement in their health center and community.   

Who Can Be An Advocacy Coordinator? 
Advocacy coordinators have been identified by their community health center leadership as the point person who will coordinate advocacy on behalf of the health center and collaborate with CHCANYS on assorted advocacy efforts. 

Important Contact Information For Advocacy Coordinators 
CHCANYS are happy to work in partnership with Advocacy Coordinators, providing them with the background, tools, and intel needed to do their job efficiently and successfully. With questions, please reach out to CHCANYS Policy and Advocacy Staff: Jane Ni, Assistant Director of Policy ( and Salman Munawar, Policy Analyst (

Click here for a PDF of the Advocacy Coordinator description.

CHCANYS Advocacy Coordinator Subcommittee

The primary purpose of the Advocacy Coordinator Subcommittee of the Public Policy Committee is to increase cohesive collaboration and engagement on policies and issues impacting community health centers and their patients across New York State.  

The subcommittee meets regularly to increase coordination around state and federal advocacy efforts, share timely communications and actions, and provide opportunities to increase knowledge and expertise.

Staff and board members from all member New York State community health centers are eligible to participate in this subcommittee/peer group.

Click here for the Advocacy Coordinator Subcommittee Charter.