REaL Data Collection: 2022 Highlight

In 2022, CHCANYS continued to support health centers with building capacity to leverage Race, Ethnicity and Language (REaL) data, to better identify and respond to patients’ social risks. Through the CHCANYS REaL data pilot, peer learning opportunities and CHCANYS annual conference, health centers were also able to participate in unique training opportunities. In 2023, CHCANYS will share early lessons learned from the REaL data pilot with its membership through peer learning sessions. Stay tuned for exciting REaL data initiatives as CHCANYS continues to support health centers with race, ethnicity, and language efforts to improve patients’ health outcomes.

Please see below for a list of REaL Data materials and resources:

REaL Data Collection Recording

REaL Health Information Exchange Slides

Health Equity & Data Collection Slides.pptx

Health Equity & REaL Data Collection Recording

Advancing Health Equity Using REaL and SO/GI Data

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