OpenNotes ‘Extravaganza!’ Opening Up Our Health Care Notes for Greater Patient and Provider Transparency

CHCANYS is proud to highlight health centers’ experiences with sharing transparent clinical notes with patients and continues to facilitate in-depth discussions around the 'OpenNotes' movement. 

CHCANYS’ Clinical Committee has recently highlighted health centers’ experiences with sharing transparent clinical notes with patients. Opportunities abound to participate in more comprehensive discussions and leverage key takeaways around the 'OpenNotes' movement during upcoming virtual Subcommittee Meetings, including: 

Nursing Subcommittee - Tuesday, March 26th 1-2PM 

Join the Nursing Subcommittee and hear directly from Nursing leaders on ways in which to best operationalize transparent note sharing with patients, and how nursing professionals can continue to leverage greater transparency in their patient notes to improve overall care. 

Contact: Derrecia Graham (

Sexual & Reproductive Health Subcommittee - Thursday, April 4th 9-10AM 

What are the nuances and complexities with opening up patient notes for specific populations? Join the Sexual & Reproductive Health Subcommittee for a focused conversation on navigating the balance between patient transparency and privacy. 

Contact: Mercy Mbogori (

Behavioral Health Subcommittee - Friday, April 5th 11-12PM 

Join the Behavioral Health Subcommittee for an engaging conversation that seeks to identify and dismantle the stigma that can emerge when facilitating open health care notes between a patient and provider. How can patient notes - particularly, within Behavioral Health - employ language that is not only sensitive but empowering for patients? 

Contact: Ava Rose (

Oral Health Subcommittee - Thursday, April 26th 9-10AM 

How does greater patient and provider visibility within oral patient notes impact patient experience and health outcomes? Join the Oral Health Subcommittee for an insightful discussion surrounding the challenges and opportunities that greater visibility can bring. 

Contact: Charlotte Gunn (  

HIV/Hep C/STI Subcommittee – Date TBD 

Join the HIV/Hep C/STI Subcommittee for an interactive discussion that will focus on engaging with patients via the patient note post visit, when documenting sexual history intake and risk, PrEP eligibility and suggested next steps in care delivery, and STI/HIV-related diagnoses. Partners from The Fenway Institute and Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians and health center panelists will spearhead this engaging discussion.   

Contact: Meital Fried-Almog (

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