Health Equity for People with Disabilities: Provider Training to Reduce Disparities

People with disabilities report provider attitude and implicit bias as barriers to obtaining recommended preventive care. Are you interested in learning more about providing accessible care and communicating effectively with people with disabilities?

The NYS Disability and Health Program, in partnership with nine other state Disability and Health Programs, is pleased to sponsor two free online trainings:

Responsive Practice: Accessible and Adaptive Communication

Responsive Practice: Providing Health Care and Screenings to Individuals with Disabilities

Developed in collaboration with medical staff, researchers, and patient advocates, these trainings help providers recognize barriers to care and acquire strategies and approaches to provide disability-competent, responsive care. These trainings are designed for anyone who works in the health care system (clinicians and non-clinicians). 

The two trainings, plus additional resources, can be accessed at the NYSDOH Disability and Health web page.

Upon completion of these trainings, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists can earn 0.5 and 1.0 Continuing Education Credits, respectively.

If you have any questions about these trainings, please contact

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