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Memo of Support: Interstate Medical Licensure Compact A.5540 (Palmesano)/S.5495 (O’Mara)

New York State is facing unprecedented levels of workforce shortages. Joining the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact would greatly ameliorate the healthcare provider shortage by streamlining the process to allow physicians to practice in New York.

Memo of Support: Health Care Transformation Fund A.264 (Gottfried)/S.2531 (Rivera)

The Health Care Transformation Fund supports health care delivery, including for capital investment, debt retirement or restructuring, housing and other social determinants of health, or transitional operating support to health care providers.

Memo of Support: Allow Physician Assistants to Serve as PCPs for Medicaid Managed Care Plans A6056 (Gottfried)/S.5956 (Rivera)

Physician assistants are already recognized as primary care practitioners by Medicare and commercial insurers for the vital role they play in delivering comprehensive whole person health care services.

Memo of Support: Repeal the Pharmacy Carve Out A.9693 (Rosenthal L.)/S.8509A (Cleare)

Access to 340B savings has allowed safety net providers like community health centers to fund life-saving health care and social services for New Yorkers.

Memo of Support: New York State Community Health Care Revolving Capital Fund A.4593 (Gottfried)/S.5139 (Rivera)

The New York State Community Health Care Revolving Capital Fund is intended to facilitate investment to expand and improve primary care capacity in the state by providing affordable loan capital for eligible community-based health care providers to support quality primary care expansion and integ

Memo of Support: Telehealth Parity A.6256 (Woerner)/S.5505 (Rivera)

Telehealth has increased access to health care services for many underserved communities. To ensure community health centers ability to continue to provide remote care, telehealth payment parity is essential.

Memo of Support: New York Health Act A.6058 (Gottfried)/S.5474 (Rivera)

Reliable, affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage for all New Yorkers is a key step in improving access to primary and preventive care. This legislation would establish a universal single payer health plan to ensure that all New Yorkers will have access to health care.

ONC Information Blocking FAQ 2022

New ONC FAQs Published in Feb 2022

Cures Act Information Blocking Compliance Readiness Checklist Supplemental Information

Cures Act Information Blocking Compliance Readiness Checklist Supplemental Information

Cures Act Readiness Compliance Checklist

This checklist can be used by your center to assess your current readiness to comply with the Cures Act as well as identify gaps in compliance.

Empowering Patients Through Information Sharing: Cures Act Compliance Series: Preparing for Cures Act Regulatory Compliance, Part 2 Q & A Document

The following questions were submitted by participants before and during the March 16webinar and March 23Ask the Experts sessions. The answers provided are for informational purposes only; they do not, and are not intended to, constitute legal advice.