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Prediabetes Risk Test

Risk Test provided by the American Diabetes Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Optimizing Pharmacist Use of CPCI/DRVS for Chronic Disease Management

Tools for screening and early identification of patients appropriate for pharmacist supported chronic condition management, specific to Diabetes, High Blood Cholesterol, HTN management and ASCVD ▪ Managing the population – Tracking the care of patients for follow up and intervention ▪ Program man

National Health Center Week Fact Sheet

Highlights the patients CHCs serve, how patients access care (remote vs. in person), and the COVID-19 vaccination efforts of CHCs.

Strategies for Supporting Health Center Patients Experiencing Food Insecurity - HITEQ

This resource is designed to support health center efforts to identify and assist patients who are experiencing food insecurity.

Health Information Technology, Evaluation, and Quality Center (HITEQ) Presentation on Standardized Data on Social Determinants of Health

The goal of this training slide deck is to equip health center stakeholders with the motivation, knowledge, and ability needed to collect and use standardized social determinants of health data.