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Clinical Nursing Simulation S.447 (Stavisky)/A.3076 (Lupardo)

New York is currently facing a nurse workforce shortage and is projected to face a nurse workforce shortage of more than 39,000 by 2030. Read More »

Protecting Access to Gender Affirming Care A.6046A Bronson/ S.2475A (Hoylman)

Access to gender affirming care is essential to the mental health and overall well-being of young people. This legislation will protect young people’s access to gender affirming care in New York. Read More »

Working Families Tax Credit S.277A (Gounardes)/A.4022A (Hevesi)

Working family refundable tax credits are one important means of building family economic security and independence and pulling families and children out of poverty. Read More »

Licensing Dental Therapy S.4428 (Fernandez)

Community health centers are experiencing dental workforce shortages and struggle to compete with private practices for the limited pool of dental providers. Read More »

Add Dentists to DANY S.4334 (Sepulveda)/A.1454 (Aubry)

Expanding the Doctors Across New York (DANY) program to include dentists will incentivize dentists to practice in underserved areas and thereby advance DANY’s goals of ensuring patients in underserved areas have more equitable access to dental services. Read More »

Telehealth Part OO Fact Sheet

Urgent Telehealth Fix Needed for Community Health Centers Read More »

Rate Reform Fact Sheet

Urgent Rate Reform Needed for Community Health Centers Read More »