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Memo of Support: Child Welfare Preventive Housing Subsidy A.1777C (Hevesi)/S.5419B (Brisport)

The child welfare preventive housing subsidy is more critical now than any time in the recent past as families face significant financial and housing precarity due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Memo of Support: Absentee Ballot Drop-Off A.4128A (Gottfried)/S.492 (Hoylman)

Expanding qualifications to vote by absentee ballot during the 2020 election year was an important step to increasing voter access during the pandemic.

Memo of Support: Automatic Enrollment and Recertification Simplification A.155 (Gottfried)/S.4965 (Rivera)

Navigating the healthcare systems can often be complex and burdensome for many people. This legislation would provide for automatic enrollment and simplify recertification for Medicaid eligible recipients in long-term care.

Memo of Support: Establish the Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program A.10148 (Gonzalez-Rojas)/S.9078 (Cleare)

Increasing and expanding access to reproductive healthcare is critical to advancing health equity. This legislation would establish the Reproductive Freedom and Equity program to ensure that all New Yorkers and people across the country will be able to access reproductive healthcare.

Memo of Support: Model Contract A.9442A (Gottfried)/S.9207 (Rivera)

This legislation would require the Department of Health to make public any changes it has made to the State’s model contract, a legal document that outlines the contractual requirements on managed care organizations (MCOs) in the state’s Medicaid managed care program.

Memo of Support: Clean Slate Act A.6399 (Cruz)/S.1553C (Myrie)

All New Yorkers deserve equal access to housing, employment, and education. However, there are 2.3M New Yorkers who are perpetually punished by their conviction records that deprive them of access to these basic opportunities despite having already served their sentences.

Memo of Support: Comprehensive Sexuality Education for All New Yorkers A.6616 (Nolan)/S.2584 (Brouk)

Everyone deserves access to information and resources to make informed decisions about their health.

Memo of Support: Equality Amendment S.1268 (Krueger)/No Same As

The legislation will begin the process to ensure that the NYS Constitution will broadly prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, disability, or sex including pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression discri

Memo of Support: Good Cause Eviction A.5573 (Hunter)/S.3082 (Salazar)

All New Yorkers deserve safe and stable housing, and providing access to stable housing is critical to improving health outcomes.

Memo of Support: Require Insurance Coverage for PrEP and PEP A.807 (O’Donnell)/S.688 (Hoylman)

Maximizing the availability of lifesaving, transmission-interrupting treatment for HIV is critical in the fight to end the HIV epidemic.

Memo of Support: Interstate Medical Licensure Compact A.5540 (Palmesano)/S.5495 (O’Mara)

New York State is facing unprecedented levels of workforce shortages. Joining the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact would greatly ameliorate the healthcare provider shortage by streamlining the process to allow physicians to practice in New York.

Memo of Support: Health Care Transformation Fund A.264 (Gottfried)/S.2531 (Rivera)

The Health Care Transformation Fund supports health care delivery, including for capital investment, debt retirement or restructuring, housing and other social determinants of health, or transitional operating support to health care providers.