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Grant Writer/Coordinator

Grant Writer/Coordinator


OVERVIEW: Founded in 1996 to ensure that the socio-economically depressed and medically underserved residents of the Bronx have access to high-quality and comprehensive healthcare services, Bronx Community Health Network (BCHN) is a not-for-profit, community-based organization, and Federally Qualified Health Center. The organization has a sub-recipient agreement with Montefiore Medical Group to provide a wide range of comprehensive, coordinated primary medical, oral, and mental health care and related diagnostic, pharmacy, social support, and enabling services for medically underserved/uninsured residents. BCHN’s approved scope includes 9 Montefiore community health centers and 9 school-based health centers. In early 2023, BCHN will launch construction on its own community health center with an array of services. This addition is strategically placing BCHN on a new pathway – the direct delivery of primary care.


BCHN’s mission is to: improve the health of people and families in the Bronx; provide access to

affordable, quality health care, especially for uninsured persons; promote disease prevention,

early treatment and healthful lifestyles; and obtain financial and other resources for programs

and services.


BCHN’s service area includes the entire borough of the Bronx, including all 25 ZIP codes. Within

this area, Health Center sites focus on low-income and underserved populations.


JOB SUMMARY:  The Grant Writer/Coordinator has primary responsibility for the development and management of public and private grants that support the BCHN programs. This position works closely with the Chief of Population Health, Community Engagement/Policy Analyst, and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator to identify funding needs and opportunities that are consistent with the BCHN mission and strategic plan. Once identified, this position has primary responsibility for the writing and management of grants.


  • Takes primary responsibility for the development of funding needs and corresponding funding opportunities:
    • With relevant staff and in response to the strategic plan, develops a list of project funding needs, including the timeline for those projects.
    • Researches relevant government, corporate, and foundation grants to meet the identified needs.
    • Conducts literature reviews to support selected grant proposals.
    • Draft proposals and grant application narratives to present to the Leadership Team and the Board of Directors for review and approval.
    • Assisting the CEO by assigning responsibility for sections of the proposal to staff with clear directions and timelines.
    • Keeps staff and the CEO informed of progress on grants and manages the successful completion within the set deadlines.
    • Collaborates with the community, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders to gather data, documents, and compelling stories to support grant applications.
    • Maintains a library of grant support documents, including, but not limited to, resumes, bios, IRS forms, and board/staff lists.
    • Completes and submits the grants applications and supporting documents.
    • If approved, writes thank you notes.
    • With relevant staff, manages the development of grant/contracts agreements.
  • Manages all grant awards:
    • Develops a schedule of grant-related reports and deadlines.
    • Ensures that all staff responsible for a portion of the reports meet the reporting requirements and deadlines by monitoring the schedule and providing 30-day prompts for grant reports and deliverables.
    • Drafts compelling progress reports to funders that fully capture programmatic success.
    • Tracks progress toward goals established in the initial planning stage and provides quarterly reports to the Leadership Team and Board of Directors.
  • Works collaboratively with relevant staff to develop new programs from the perspective of what is fundable.
    • Participates in strategic planning efforts as appropriate.
    • Shares information and data gathered during the development/monitoring of awarded grants that suggest developing or changing community/organizational needs.
    • Provides input as to what is considered fundable by source: government, corporate, and foundations.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Requires a master’s degree with a minimum of two years of experience in community health, a related field, or with a non-profit organization
  • Experience in grant writing or grants management preferred
  • Excellent project management skills with experience in managing grant-funded projects preferred
  • Excellent communication (writing and speaking) skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • High energy level and the ability to follow projects through to completion
  • Ability to prioritize work, meet deadlines, and produce quality results on time with attention to detail
  • Ability to work collaboratively as a member of a team
  • Ability to remain calm when under pressure
  • Good computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft programs; technologically savvy


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