Workforce: CHCANYS Front Desk Trade-Off Survey and Process

CHCANYS is inviting CHC leadership to identify key office managers and front-desk managers who can support the creation and refinement of the CHCANYS front desk trade-off survey and process.  We would like to convene a small group of front desk managers in October and November for up to two 45-minute sessions to provide input to this work.   Based on this input, we plan to launch the front desk assessment later this fall.  Retaining front-desk staffing is a critical need.  CHCANYS is undertaking an assessment of primary care front-desk staff retention using traditional assessment approaches, such as interviews and focus groups, as well as advanced analysis techniques-- “trade-off analysis.” This effort will provide insights into areas of challenge and success with recruiting and retaining front desk staff.   

Please contact Workforce Project Manager, Anna Lattanzio at or 212-710-3804 if your health center site would like to participate. You can identify a contact person at your health center to support this survey creation, such as HR leadership, office managers, and front-desk managers in the form at this link by Friday, October 22nd. We will follow up with this contact person to invite them to up to 2 focus groups that will last 45 minutes each to provide further information on the role of front-desk staff and key factors related to retention of such staff.  

Published on 10/13/2021