Primary Vision Care Grant Opportunity for New York CHCs

The Lavelle Fund for the Blind and The New York Community Trust are interested in partnering with Community Health Centers (CHCs) to increase access to primary vision care services in New York State. In the initial stage of this project, grants of up to $200,000 will be awarded to 2 - 3 Health Centers in New York State that are interested in inaugurating or expanding existing vision care services. Prior to awarding the grants in late 2022 or early 2023, the funders will offer Centers access to an expert consultant to help assess the feasibility of inaugurating or expanding services and begin planning.

CHCs will identify existing space for an eye clinic, and funding will be available for consultation services such as architectural design, staff education and training, electronic health record integration, development of best practices, referral processes, quality assurance guidelines, and community outreach and education. Funding can be used to purchase required vision equipment.  Grant funding does not cover the costs of clinical staff, technicians, and support staff. Sustainability for the program should be realized through insurance reimbursement and Federal supplements.

It is our hope that by demonstrating successful inauguration of vision care services during the initial phase of the project, we can then continue to expand this effort within the NYS CHC system in coming years.

The Lavelle Fund for the Blind is a charitable grant-making foundation dedicated primarily to supporting programs that help individuals who are blind or visually impaired live independent and productive lives. Special thanks to Susan Olivo, Executive Director & CEO.

The New York Community Trust, (“the Trust”) connects past, present, and future generous New Yorkers with vital nonprofits working to make a healthy, equitable, and thriving community for all. Special thanks to Rachel Pardoe, Program Officer.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity and feel that your Health Center is in a strong position to move forward with such an initiative and be considered for funding, please contact by January 31, 2022.

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