Pivoting to Federal FY2025 Funding

The President delivered his State of the Union address on March 7, 2024, which highlights his priorities for the year. In the President’s proposed FY2025 budget, he proposed:  

  • Adding $2.4 billion to the Section 330 Community Health Center fund, as “the second annual installment of the President’s plan to create a pathway to double the program’s funding.”  These funds are to be used to expand services – particularly maternal health services, enabling service, and services for people experiencing homelessness.  Some funds will also be dedicated to workforce initiatives. Additionally, mental health and substance use disorder services would become mandatory services for all CHCs.  

  • The President recommended a $500 million increase in NHSC funding over 2 years (FY24-25) which would increase the NHSC field strength by 25,000 clinicians. 

  • The President recommends a $200 million increase in THCGME funding over 2 years (FY24-25). 

However, please note that the President’s proposed FY25 budget doesn’t reflect actual FY24 funding numbers because the FY24 budget passed so late in the year.  

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