OpenNotes ‘Extravaganza!’ A Learning Opportunity & Request to Share with Peers 

Beginning in March, CHCANYS will be highlighting health centers’ experiences with optimizing use of OpenNotes and promote best practices. This ‘OpenNotes Extravaganza,’ will aim to offer practical insights to fellow health centers and foster peer learning on OpenNotes, as many health centers explore their potential to improve overall patient/provider transparency. 

Our "extravaganza" began with the first session at our Clinical Committee meeting on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 9 – 10 am where we discussed general key takeaways from health centers’ OpenNotes experience thus far. Subsequent sessions, held during subcommittee meetings, will delve into more focused topics related to OpenNotes. This is a great opportunity to continue enhancing your knowledge and contribute to a collaborative learning space for your peers! 

Your OpenNotes insights matter! If your health center is currently engaging with OpenNotes and you have key insights or use-case examples that you would like to share during our ‘extravaganza,’ please fill out this interest form and a member of CHCANYS’ Clinical Excellence & Innovation (CEI) Team will follow up with you. 

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