NYS Arthritis Program Toolkit

An estimated 3.5 million adults (22.5%) have been diagnosed with arthritis in New York State. Low-impact and joint-friendly physical activity has many benefits for patients with arthritis, including decreasing pain by about 40% and preventing other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Health care providers play an important role in helping patients with arthritis become physically active to reduce arthritis pain. Provider counseling and referrals to arthritis-appropriate evidence-based interventions is a great way to increase participation in these programs. The New York State Arthritis Program is pleased to announce the release of the web-based Health Care Provider Toolkit: Physical Activity Counseling for Adults with Arthritis. The toolkit offers resources to help providers prescribe the right “dose” of activity to get people moving, recommend local places for accessible recreation opportunities such as walking in NY State Parks, and refer patients to evidence-based physical activity programs like Enhance®Fitness and Walk With Ease. The toolkit is available on the NYSDOH website.

Published on 07/20/2021