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ThinkLabs Medical


Digital stethoscope (equipment)


ThinkLabs Medical has created ONE, an easy-to-use and compact digital stethoscope that can be integrated with videoconferencing platforms including AmWell, VidyoConnect, Zoom, and VSee, Cisco, and Polycom. ONE can amplify sounds by 100 times and therefore is good for use with heart patients who are difficult to auscultate, if you are in loud environments, and over patients’ clothing. ONE can also be used for readings related to lungs, bowels, blood pressure, carotid and more. The device is also compatible with most leading videoconferencing platforms including SnapMD and Healow and can be recorded and stored for clinicians’ use.

Contact Information

Jill Ladwig, jill@thinklabs,com, (303) 525-3458


The cost is $499 per device.

Implementation Details

The implementation process is simple. The device is ready when you receive it in the mail and comes with headphones and charging materials. You can connect the stethoscope to your smartphone, table, or any other mobile device.