NextGen Virtual Visits TM

NextGen Virtual Visits TM

NextGen software on a tablet

Virtual visit platform integrated into EHR


NextGen acquired OTTO Health in December of 2019 to provide NextGen Enterprise clients with a platform that supports live virtual video visits and support services, including implementation, training, and patient and provider support.

Provider supported features include:

  • On-demand scheduling- Schedule integrated visits from anywhere, at any time, from within the visit platform
  • Image documentation -Request images from the patient during intake, and view those images as part of the visit
  • Support User Workflow- Enable a support user to join the scheduled user during a virtual visit

Patient supported features include:

  • Interpretive Services- Ability to connect telephonically with an interpreter in a virtual visit
  • Add a Guest- Enable the patient to invite a guest to join them in their visit
  • Chat, Screen, and Document Sharing- Share your screen, a document, or chat messages with the patient during a visit


Contact Information

Ryan Egloff,, (919) 673 9991


Cost is per user license. Generally it is $79/per user/per month for clinicians and $25/per user/per month for support users (Mas, LPNs, etc). Implementation is usually a one-time $450/fee per user and support user, but that fee is currently discounted for COVID-19. 

Implementation Details

Implementation for integrated visits can vary depending on the practice size as well as provider engagement. Implementations are done virtually and generally completed in a few weeks.

Due to increase in demand of virtual visits during COVID-19, NextGen has a non-integrated version to get new customers ready to use virtual visits in 48 hours once the paperwork has been received. Integrated implementations take place within four weeks following non-integrated.