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NextGen Healthcare Inc.


Remote Patient Monitoring


NextGen acquired OTTO Health in December of 2019 to provide NextGen Enterprise clients with a platform that supports live virtual video visits and support services, including implementation, training, and patient and provider support. NextGen Healthcare has partnered with Validic to develop a flexible and modular remote patient monitoring solution. The phase one RPM solution enables your clinicians and care teams to invite patients with chronic health conditions to enroll in the RPM program. Such conditions include diabetes and hypertension. The provider sets goals for the patient and reviews home monitoring device data (e.g., blood pressure readings) through a real-time display. Specific data can be attached as a PDF to EHR encounters when needed. Patients can view goals and their device data on their smartphones via an app.

Contact Information

Ryan Egloff,, (919) 673-9991


There is a monthly fee of $90, which supports unlimited number of patients and programs. Note the RPM solution synchs with devices available on the market and the costs of those devices may be covered by insurance or by a grant There is also a one-time practice implementation fee of $2500.

Implementation Details

Implementation can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on how much detail the client already knows about the RPM program they would like to offer to their patients. The product is browser based and does not require any software installations