Eko Devices, Inc.

Eko Devices, Inc.

Doctor using Eko device

Video conferencing and remote monitoring equipment


Eko Devices includes digital stethoscopes, a telemedicine platform with live heart, lung, and bowel sound transmission, AI Heart Screening, and a built-in video option for virtual visits with doctors and specialists.

Contact Information

Devin Burstein, devin.burstein@ekohealth.com, (510) 806-8132

Amanda Arnold, amanda.arnold@ekohealth.com, (925) 353-0997


One-time payment for CORE digital stethoscope (available as CORE Bundle or CORE Attachment) and/or DUO digital stethoscope + ECG.  Annual payment for Telehealth License(s). Devices range from $199 to $349.

Typical cost

$249/device + ($1,200/annual License x Number of sites)

Implementation Details

Implementation process is 1-3 hours on average, includes a 30 minute phone call with Eko Telemedicine representative, downloading the app, and creating account log-ins.