Ceiba Healthcare US Inc.

Ceiba Healthcare US Inc.


CEIBA Healthcare is a pioneer and one of the top key technology providers for the Connectivity and Virtual Care within the Healthcare industry. We are a Healthcare IT company operating Globally and expanding our operations in the US. We believe in the power of innovation, being simple and passionate in what we do. Our mission centers on broadening access to care and rapidly improving quality across the full continuum from inpatient to acute care at home.



Contact Information

Brian Wilkinson
(415) 203 - 7224

Cost Details

We have a unique "pay as you grow" SaaS model. Pricing is based on per-consult / per-month basis. We also have enterprise-wide pricing options for health systems and larger scale organizations. Our offering is hardware agnostic.

Implementation Details

Ceiba is the fastest way to implement a telehealth platform. Depending on the scope of work, we typically go live within 2-4 weeks with an initial implementation which takes 1-2 days.