CareXM - TouchPointCare RPM

CareXM - TouchPointCare RPM


CareXM offers a complete HH, Triage, and RPM experience. Our RPM gives provider tools to monitor patients remotely. Our patient app allows the patient to immediately participate with their phone or tablet and BT device. Additionally, we can provide vitals reports for weight, oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure, Glucose, ECG, temperature. We have many standard and customizable reports for you to understand patient health conditions. Devices can be purchased, leased or you can also bring your own devices (BYOD) to our fully customizable platform. Data is captured via the patient app and bluetooth device. Once the patient sees the vital measurements captured, the data can be approved for provider viewing.

Contact Details

Mike Kearns,, (801) 386-6109

Implementation Details

Implementation is quick and easy. We will secure a list of your patients and import them to our RPM platform. From there we will train you on workflows and for managing the patient health.