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CHCANYS SDOH Vendor Guide 2022

CHCANYS developed a vendor directory to assist our members with their vendor selection process. The directory covers solutions and tools across the spectrum of community health center needs. Updated January 2022.

Strategies for Supporting Health Center Patients Experiencing Food Insecurity - HITEQ

This resource is designed to support health center efforts to identify and assist patients who are experiencing food insecurity.

Health Information Technology, Evaluation, and Quality Center (HITEQ) Presentation on Standardized Data on Social Determinants of Health

The goal of this training slide deck is to equip health center stakeholders with the motivation, knowledge, and ability needed to collect and use standardized social determinants of health data.

PRAPARE ICD10 Z Codes – July 2021

This tool is a crosswalk between the Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patients' Assets, Risks, and Experiences (PRAPARE) tool and its corresponding ICD-10 Z codes in the electronic medical record system.

Social Determinants of Health Webinar Series, Part 1

SDOH Webinar Series, Part 1 Nov 2019, HCCN Y1 

Social Determinants of Health Webinar Series, Part 2

SDOH Webinar Series, Part 2 Nov 2019, HCCN Y1 

Promising Practices to Strategize the Collection of Social Determinants of Health

Gabriela Gonzalez, Program Manager -CHCANYS November 13th, 2019