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CHCANYS ensures that the needs and concerns of community health centers remain constantly in view of lawmakers at the local, state, and federal level.

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Policy & Advocacy

CHCANYS works tirelessly to inform health care policy at the state and national levels, and to ensure that community health centers receive the resources they need to continue to provide high-quality, community-based health care to all New Yorkers. In addition to serving as the voice of New York’s community health centers, CHCANYS is also a resource for up-to-date, accurate information regarding regulatory changes, public funding opportunities, and other key matters of interest to centers.

After meeting with elected officials please fill out a Constituent Report Form! It is a great way to inform CHCANYS on how your meetings went and if there is anything CHCANYS should follow up on.

CHCANYS Supported Legislation

CHCANYS supports policies and legislation at the federal, state, and local level that support community health centers and advance health equity for all New Yorkers. See below for CHCANYS’s ongoing legislative priorities and memos of support. For any questions, please reach out to Marie Mongeon, Senior Director of Policy and Jane Ni, Policy Analyst.

Repeal the Pharmacy Carve Out A.9693 (Rosenthal L.)/S.8509A (Cleare)
Access to 340B savings has allowed safety net providers like community health centers to fund life-saving health care and social services for New Yorkers. However, NYS has enacted a Medicaid pharmacy benefit carve out that is slated to take effect on April 1, 2023 which will eliminate safety net providers’ access to 340B savings. This legislation would protect 340B savings by repealing the pharmacy carve out. For more information on 340B click here.

Telehealth Parity A.6256 (Woerner)/S.5505 (Rivera)
Telehealth has increased access to health care services for many underserved communities. To ensure community health centers ability to continue to provide remote care, telehealth payment parity is essential. This legislation would provide for telehealth payment parity regardless of modality (in-person, audio-visual, and audio-only) and patient or provider location. For more information on telehealth and how it expands access to care click here.

New York State Community Health Care Revolving Capital Fund A.4593 (Gottfried)/S.5139 (Rivera)
The New York State Community Health Care Revolving Capital Fund is intended to facilitate investment to expand and improve primary care capacity in the state by providing affordable loan capital for eligible community-based health care providers to support quality primary care expansion and integration. This legislation would increase flexibility and eligible uses of the fund for operational costs such as recruitment and training of staff.

Allow Physician Assistants to Serve as PCPs for Medicaid Managed Care Plans A6056 (Gottfried)/S.5956 (Rivera)
Physician assistants are already recognized as primary care practitioners by Medicare and commercial insurers for the vital role they play in delivering comprehensive whole person health care services. This legislation would allow physician assistants to serve as primary care practitioners for Medicaid managed care plans.

Health Care Transformation Fund A.264 (Gottfried)/S.2531(Rivera)
The Health Care Transformation Fund supports health care delivery, including for capital investment, debt retirement or restructuring, housing and other social determinants of health, or transitional operating support to health care providers. This legislation would require at least 25% of the moneys deposited into the Health Care Transformation Fund be allocated exclusively for the investment of community-based health care providers on an annual basis.

New York Health Act A.6058 (Gottfried)/S.5474 (Rivera)
Reliable, affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage for all New Yorkers is a key step in improving access to primary and preventive care. This legislation would establish a universal single payer health plan to ensure that all New Yorkers will have access to health care.

Coverage for All New Yorkers A.880A (Gottfried)/S.1572 (Rivera)
Every New Yorker should have access to the care they need to live a healthy life. This legislation would create a state-funded Essential Plan that would provide healthcare coverage for individuals who are currently excluded due to their immigration status.

Primary Care Reform Commission  A.7230A (Gottfried)/S.6534B (Rivera)
Primary care plays a critical role in keeping people and communities healthy, but despite the proven impact and effectiveness of primary care, it is estimated that as little as 5-7% of U.S. health care costs are spent in the primary care setting. This legislation would establish a commission to define, measure, report on and provide recommendations to increase the proportion of the health care dollar allocated to primary care in New York State.

Advocacy Coordinators

CHCANYS’ mission is to champion community-centered primary care through leadership, advocacy, and support of community health centers so that every community has primary care that encompasses all aspects of patient health and well-being. To safeguard and sustain the ability of CHCs to provide quality affordable health care services, advocacy is paramount to ensuring that CHCs, patients, and communities across New York State have a voice in the process and critical decisions being made by policymakers.  

For more policy & advocacy documents and video recordings, including archived materials, check out our library page