Rethinking Stress: A Pathway to Health Equity

Friday, June 16th 12:00 pm -
1:30 pm


Stress is a common issue that can have significantimplications for overall health and well-being. Structural racism anddiscrimination contribute to social drivers of health (SDOH), resulting inhigher rates of health inequities among racially and ethnically diverse groupsand structurally marginalized groups, such as immigrants and the LGBTQIA+community. As a result, these groups experience higher rates of healthinequities and are at greater risk for prolonged, chronic stress. 

This presentation will explore the relationship betweenstress and SDOH, including the role SDOH plays in contributing to stress andhow stress impacts health outcomes. Through this presentation, participantswill gain a deeper understanding of the impact stress has on both healthcarestaff and patients along with learning strategies and techniques to mitigatethe harmful impact of chronic stress. 


  • Understand the relationship and role of social drivers ofhealth (SDOH), structural racism and discrimination, and chronic stress has onhealth outcomes 
  • Understand the importance of creating a supportive workenvironment that addresses stress and prioritizes staff well-being, and howthis can ultimately improve patient outcomes. 
  • Develop skills for effective communication and culturalcompetence when addressing stress in diverse patient populations, recognizingthe importance of addressing SDOH as a means of reducing stress and improvinghealth equity.