CHCANYS UDS Training Series

Thursday, December 1st 1:00 pm -
3:00 pm

About the Uniform Data System (UDS): Each year, all grantees of BPHC-administered Section 330 primary care programs (including Community Health Center, Migrant Health Center, Health Care for the Homeless and Public Housing Primary Care) are required under the terms of their grant to report on their performance using the measures defined in the Uniform Data System (UDS). The data are analyzed by HRSA to ensure compliance with legislative mandates, report program accomplishments, and justify budget requests to the U.S. Congress. The UDS data also help HRSA to identify trends over time and establish and/or expand targeted programs and identify effective services and interventions to improve access to primary health care for vulnerable populations. Additionally, CHCANYS uses UDS data in its work with FQHCs.   

NEW THIS YEAR: Since our 2020 UDS Training Series, CHCANYS, in partnership with HRSA, JSI/AHP, has understood the importance of providing training options that address the challenges that health centers continue to face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To make this training more accessible to all, CHCANYS will continue to host this series in an all-virtual format by utilizing our new LMS. We hope to see you all again in person next year!  

As part of your registration for the three (3) part virtual UDS trainings, CHCANYS, in partnership with John Snow Inc. (JSI), is offering an additional two (2) supplemental coaching sessions, as well as an interactive UDS 101 self-paced course on our LMS. Jillian Maccini of John Snow Inc. (JSI) will share her expertise and knowledge regarding each of the report’s tables and provide an implementation-based explanation of how to successfully complete the UDS Report and how to avoid and resolve potential reporting issues. This training is aimed toward all fiscal staff, including new fiscal directors; clinical staff responsible for clinical measure reporting (e.g. QI Directors, Clinical Site Directors and Medical Directors); and senior staff of new FQHCs.