In-Person Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise (Syracuse)

Wednesday, May 18th 11:00 am -
4:00 pm

In May, the NYS-HCCN will host its first in-person Incident Response Plan Workshop and Tabletop Exercise, facilitated by cybersecurity subject matter experts, Online Business Systems. Tabletop exercises are meant to help health centers prepare for potential cyber threats by doing hands-on role-based activities and conducting live testing of incident response plans (IRP).

The Tabletop Exercise will consist of reviewing the key aspects of incident response, performing two simulated cyber incident scenarios, and conducting a lessons-learned exercise to ensure centers’ readiness to respond to and recover from cyber incidents in the future. This session is for all health centers that have IRPs and are ready to test them.

Please fill out the form below if your health center would like to sign up for this event.

This event is free to attend, but please note that CHCANYS will not be covering the cost of travel and accommodations.

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