CHCANYS Emergency Management - Virtual Meetup

Thursday, July 22nd 12:00 pm -
1:00 pm
Following the deactivation of our COVID-19 response, CHCANYS Emergency Management (EM) team is re-launching our "virtual meetup" ongoing calls.

We hope that these virtual calls provide an opportunity for EM leads at the health centers to ask questions, exchange ideas and have an ongoing conversation about some of the “hot topics” on the subject of emergency preparedness and organizational plans, as well as ask us for feedback on any EM-related issues they may have.

Let's set aside some dedicated time to answer questions, talk through relevant announcements, have an open conversation and provide a forum for exchanging ideas. We are inviting all EM leads to join the ongoing conversation!

This call is open to all New York FQHC staff who may be interested.

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