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Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer


OVERVIEW: Founded in 1996 to ensure that the socio-economically depressed and medically underserved residents of the Bronx have access to high-quality and comprehensive healthcare services, Bronx Community Health Network (BCHN) is a not-for-profit, community-based organization, and Federally Qualified Health Center. The organization has a sub-recipient agreement with Montefiore Medical Group to provide a wide range of comprehensive, coordinated primary medical, oral, and mental health care and related diagnostic, pharmacy, social support, and enabling services for medically underserved/uninsured residents. BCHN’s approved scope includes 9 Montefiore community health centers and 9 school-based health centers. In early 2023, BCHN will launch the construction of its community health center, with an array of services. This addition is strategically placing BCHN on a new pathway – the direct delivery of primary care. BCHN’s mission is to: improve the health of people and families in the Bronx; provide access to affordable, quality health care, especially for uninsured persons; promote disease prevention, early treatment and healthy lifestyles; and obtain financial and other resources for programs and services. BCHN’s service area includes the entire borough of the Bronx, including all 25 ZIP codes. Within this area, Health Center sites focus on low-income and underserved populations.

JOB SUMMARY: The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) serves as the top finance administrator of BCHN and, in partnership with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Executive Leadership Team, and the BCHN Board of Directors, is responsible for the success of BCHN.

1. Dignity: Constantly demonstrates, through actions and works, respect for others and their diversity of beliefs, background, history, and personal choices.
2. Compassionate Care: Exceeds all reasonable expectations in treating those we serve and one another with professionalism, concern, and kindness. Exhibits a genuine concern for others and a willingness to strive to make a difference. 
3. Values and Actively Supports Teamwork: Works as a team player collaborating with others on solving problems.
4. Quality: Strives for excellence in all we do while working together collaboratively, as the power of our combined efforts exceeds what each of us can accomplish alone.
5. Stewardship: Values trustworthy stewardship and adherence to the highest ethical standards.


• Promotes excellent operations and work culture.
➢ Recruits and retains a high-performing, diverse team.
➢ Shows a strong commitment to the professional development of staff.
➢ Mentors and models professional leadership practices with all staff.
➢ Hires, motivates, coaches, supervises, and evaluates the performance of the Finance Team.
➢ Sets the direction, workload, and project goals of the Finance Team.
• Ensures sound financial management practices.
➢ Ensures strong financial planning and budgeting by maintaining effective systems for cost control, as well as effective capital planning.
➢ Provides leadership and expertise in monitoring compliance with existing grants and engaging new grants.
➢ Helps to develop systems to maximize patient revenue for those patients served directly by BCHN.
➢ Oversees financial systems and functions in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
➢ Maintains strong internal controls over the organization’s assets and minimizes financial risks.
➢ Ensures proper insurance policies and coverage is maintained, therefore mitigating risk to the organization.
• Works closely with the sub-recipients Administrator- Finance.
➢ Works with sub-recipients of the federal 330 grant to develop grant, operating, and program-specific budgets.
➢ Reviews and approves consolidated financial statements from sub-recipient.
➢ Ensures compliance with all 330 financial compliance requirements, including but not limited to the sliding fee scale policy and application, billing, and payment collections.
➢ Monitors the expenditure of funds by the sub-recipient and BCHN to ensure compliance with the budget(s) and federal grant and procurement rules and regulations.
• Recommends an audit firm to the Board of Directors and oversees preparations for and follow-up of the audit.
• Ensures the Board has the necessary information to meet its financial and FQHC responsibilities.
➢ Works with the Finance Committee to develop and refine the broad strategic direction, long-term goals, and annual financial objectives.
➢ Keeps the board fully informed on all significant financial factors that may impact BCHN.
➢ Provides education and insight to the Board regarding best practices within the healthcare, nonprofit, and health center businesses.

• A Bachelor’s degree is required with a minimum of five years of experience in a senior financial management position, ideally with a community health center, with a demonstration of five critical competencies: commitment to results, business savvy, leading change, building effective teams, and motivating. A Master’s degree in Business or another pertinent health-related field or CPA is preferred.
• Commitment to results.
• Highest Integrity: Must have a strong personal value system that encompasses high integrity, honesty, a solid work ethic, high professional standards, and strong moral character.
• Business acumen: As BCHN’s financial leader, this position requires an individual with knowledge of and experience in health care management and administration. The CFO actively works to remain current and knowledgeable about applicable requirements and developments that have the potential to impact BCHN.
• Knowledge of the unique nature of the Bronx, surrounding communities, and the state of New York is strongly preferred.
• A high level of interpersonal skill is required.
• The individual must actively encourage and create an environment that demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion, including all ages, races, religions, cultural ethnicities, and sexual and all gender orientations. Physical Demands/Working Conditions:
• This is a high-stress position based on full responsibility for BCHN operations. Visibility to staff and the community is required. Handles detailed, complex concepts and problems, balances multiple tasks simultaneously and makes rapid decisions regarding administrative issues, and communicates clearly and transparently to the CEO, Executive Team, and Board as warranted.
• Plans and meets deadlines. Maintains a flexible work schedule to meet the demands of executive management. Hours may be long and irregular. This is an exempt/salaried position.
• Conveys a professional and positive image and attitude regarding BCHN and the not for-profit and for-profit sectors. Demonstrates commitment to continued professional growth and development.

If you are interested in applying for the role, please submit your resume to: