Recruitment and Retention Peer Learning Collaborative

CHCANYS is launching year 2 of the Recruitment and Retention Peer Learning Collaborative starting in September of 2022. We will assist New York’s Community Health Centers to develop OR implement a dynamic strategically oriented Comprehensive Workforce plan to better support recruitment, retention, and pipeline development at your health center. CHCANYS and a subject matter expert from Health Management Associates (HMA), will provide CHC-specific technical assistance to two cohorts of health centers through virtual, individualized assistance as well as facilitated peer learning working sessions. One cohort will focus on developing a Comprehensive Workforce plan and the second cohort will focus on implementation of an existing Comprehensive Workforce plan. Tools and resources, including standardized templates will be shared with all Collaborative participants with opportunities to make adaptations based on the unique aspects of each CHC cohort member. 

We are seeking an operations or HR leader to serve as the designated staff member who will take on primary responsibility during the learning collaborative process. However, key leadership/decision makers should be available to provide regular input on the process in internal meetings with the designated staff member.  

The collaborative cohorts will kick off in September of 2022 and conclude in March of 2023. Time needed from health center staff will include: 

  • 1 Hour per month for the leadership team to discuss comprehensive workforce plans  

  • 2 Hours bi-monthly for the designated staff member to work the plan and individual technical assistance 

  • 1 hour bi-monthly for the designated staff member to meet with the peer cohort 

Kick off calls for the Recruitment and Retention Peer Learning Collaborative will begin in September of 2022. If your health center is interested in participating in one of the two cohorts, please complete the appropriate form below by Tuesday, September 6th, 2022.  

  • Development Cohort- complete this form

  • Implementation Cohort- complete this form

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Anna Lattanzio at or 

Published on 08/17/2022