REaL Data Collection Workshops

REaL Data Collection Webinar-July 2021

This learning event leverages the AHA Disparities Toolkit to educate health centers on the value and importance of collecting accurate data on patients’ race, ethnicity, and language (REaL). Participants engage in both workshop sessions and take-away the basic knowledge and skills required to implement a standardized, data-driven workflow for collecting REaL information at their health centers. The ability to capture accurate REaL patient data enhances health centers’ capacity to provide targeted services to address disparities and tackle inequities among patient populations. 

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Health Equity and REaL Data Collection Webinar- March 2022

This learning session focuses on collecting granular data on patient demographics concerning race, ethnicity and language (REaL). Community health centers need complete, consistent, and reliable data on the race and ethnicity of their patients, and the social determinants of health that influence patient outcomes. Without these data health centers cannot quantify where specific health disparities exist, or design and implement targeted interventions that challenge health inequities in a robust way. Participants will learn how the healthcare system facilitates inequity and adds complexity to the delivery of primary medical care services. Strategies for improving the capture and exchange of reliable race and ethnicity data will be provided, and insight into promising workflows for improving CHC collection of granular patient information will be presented. 

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Published on 10/22/2021