Front Desk Mini-Modules Introducing Trauma, Biases, & Resilience

CHCANYS, in partnership with Kinshift, developed a series of four (4) mini-modules which aim to enhance patient and peer interactions across the health center workforce. These mini-modules are geared toward the front desk staff, and including but not limited to the following roles: call center staff, outreach and community workers, enabling services staff, and management involved with training and supervision of these roles. Each mini-module is a short, less than 15-minute recording presented by Kinshift's Co-founders Dr. Simran Chaudhri and Kelly Davis. The mini-modules cover the following topics: 

  1. Intro to Trauma and Stress 

  2. Intro to Biases 

  3. Intro to Mitigating Biases 

  4. Intro to Resilience 

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Published on 03/16/2022