CHCANYS Trade-off Analysis Provider Survey – Closing Soon!

  • CHCANYS invites community health center sites to participate in a trade-off analysis survey for primary care providers (primary medical, dental, and behavioral health staff). The survey, to be completed by primary care providers, will be closing before the fall.   

  • The goal of the trade-off survey is to assess career priorities for providers and to guide future recruitment and retention efforts by CHCs, as well as identify CHCANYS’ priority training and technical assistance offerings. The trade-off analysis will be used to identify job attributes, benefit packages, and other recruitment & retention factors for clinicians.    

  • The survey was developed with feedback from the CHCANYS Workforce Committee and HR Peer Work Group. Individual community health center (CHC) results may be used to better inform your center’s recruitment and retention efforts relative to benefit and compensation packages and workplace environment.   

  • Please contact Workforce Project Manager, Anna Lattanzio at or 212-710-3804 if you would like to participate. To facilitate the roll out of the survey, please identify a contact person at your health center team to support this survey implementation, such as a COO or a Workforce/HR leader. We will follow up with this contact person to provide further information on the survey and steps of implementation.    

Published on 09/14/2021