All of Us Research Program

The All of Us Research Program is a large research program from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The goal is to help researchers understand more about why people get sick or stay healthy. People who join will share information about their health, habits, and what it’s like where they live. By looking for patterns in this information, researchers may learn more about what affects people’s health.

In support of the National Institutes of Health Precision Medicine Initiative, the All of Us Research Program is enrolling 1 million people across the country. Nationally, the program has enrolled over 490,000 participants - over 80% from populations that are historically not well represented in biomedical research. All of Us participants can receive personal DNA results at no cost to them. So far, the program has offered genetic ancestry and trait results to more than 100,000 participants. Plans are underway to share health-related DNA results on hereditary disease risk and medication-gene interactions later this year. 

The program is also collecting social determinants of health information to create the largest, anonymous biomedical data research hub for researchers to study why some populations and communities are more susceptible to disease and others are not. 

This research program is unique because the participants get back results. In return for their participation, they will receive:

  • $25.00 Visa Gift Card
  • Genetic Results
    • Health – Related (risk for disease)
    • Medication – Related (medications that may cause adverse effects)
  • Ancestry
  • Unique Genetic Results, and
  • Other Genetic Results as they come available in the future.

For more information on how All of Us is already benefiting all of us, feel free to read the articles below:

Published on 07/20/2022