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Best Practices in Incident Reporting and Investigations: A Unique Webinar Opportunity


Audience:  Compliance, Risk Management, and Quality Improvement Staff
Hosted by: CHCANYS and Capital Health Consulting

Does your health center have robust processes in place to ensure compliance issues and incidents are promptly reported and investigated

This webinar will focus on the multiple pieces of dealing with an incident, including developing/revising policies and procedures, conducting training, and taking necessary corrective action for responding to reported compliance issues and adverse events or incidents. Timely and accurate reporting is the responsibility of all staff and critical for maintaining compliance and ensuring effective risk management.

Lisa M. Wickens-Alteri and Jackie Pappalardi from Capital Health Consulting will discuss the importance of accurate reporting and conducting investigations using standardized tools as you look to enhance your current reporting systems. We all strive to maintain open lines of communication for both patients and staff and this webinar will provide examples and ideas of how you might improve your existing process through various methods, including staff education and comprehensive documentation.

If you have dealt with a particularly challenging issue/incident or received a citation for non-compliance in this area and would like to share your experience, please send the information to by February 1, 2017. During this webinar, Lisa and Jackie will provide input and recommendations on several actual case studies submitted.  Your submission will be held in confidence and any case study presented will not include health center specific information.

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This webinar is open to Health Center staff only.

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Date: February 14, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 am


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