Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center

Position Title: WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator
Position Location:
6200 Beach Channel Drive
Arverne, NY 1169*2
United States

County: Queens

Contact Name: Angela Montes
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 7189457150
Contact Fax: 7186636136

CHCANYS Member Info: Non Member

Position Description:

 Non Exempt Position

Under the direction of the WIC Director, the Breastfeeding Coordinator is responsible for the following:


  1. Coordinate and monitor all breastfeeding project components to include Peer Counselor Training Program and breastfeeding and support activities at the WIC Program.
  2. Assist in developing and reviewing program’s breastfeeding policy and procedure.
  3. Supervise Peer Counselors day to day activities at the WIC site.
  4. Responsible for implementing all aspects of the Peer Counselor Training Program.
  5. Assist in developing evaluation tools to determine the success of breastfeeding education strategies.
  6. Coordinate continuing education and follow-up for trained breastfeeding Peer Counselors
  7. Become familiar with cultural and ethnic issues relevant to breastfeeding of local agency participants.
  8. Assist in developing and revising the program breastfeeding manual as needed.
  9. Keep abreast of new and updated information as it relates to breastfeeding manual as needed.
  10. Monitor breastfeeding and support activities.
  11. Assist in developing yearly breastfeeding plans.
  12. Assist in developing and implement breastfeeding protocols and training for new and present staff.
  13. Responsible for gathering and maintaining all record keeping, documentation and statistical reports pertaining to breastfeeding.
  14. Complete monthly and quarterly statistical report of breastfeeding operations and submit to WIC Coordinator.
  15. Develop lesson plans based on peer counselor manual and incorporate into program daily operation.
  16. Recruit current or former WIC participants or members of the community as potential peer counselors.
  17. Organize peer counselors to evaluate performance.
  18. All other responsibilities as may be needed or relevant to breastfeeding promotion and support; all other WIC related duties.
  19. All other responsibilities as may be needed or relevant to breastfeeding promotion and support; all other WIC related duties.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition, Dietetics, or Nursing
  • One year of experience as a breastfeeding counselor
  • Twenty hours of continuing education in breastfeeding management at the time of appointment
  • Training in the implementation of the Certificate of completion of New York State WIC Peer Counselor Program.


Compensation Type: Salary

Travel Desired: Some Travel

Job Type: Nutritionist

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