Heritage Health and Housing, Inc.

Position Title: Nutritionist
Position Location:
416 West 127th Street
New York, NY 10027
United States

County: New York (Manhattan)

Contact Name: Jamela Irvin
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (212) 866-2600

CHCANYS Member Info: Member - Organizational

Position Description:

Job Summary

Under the general direction of the Health Center Chief Officer and/or The Director of Residential Programs, the incumbent in this position is responsible for assessing patients' nutritional needs, developing and implement nutritional programs and evaluating and report the results; and conferring with the patient’s provider and other members of the Health Center/Housing professionals in order to coordinate medical and nutritional needs of individuals residing in/receiving health care through Heritage Health and Housing, Inc.


  • Provides individuals and groups counseling sessions on nutritional practices designed to prevent disease and promote good health.
  • Evaluates individual patient nutritional needs, develop nutritional care plans, and instruct patients and their families by offering advice on diet-related concerns based on clinical assessment and best practice guidelines for a range of health conditions to include weight loss or cholesterol reduction.
  • Ensures appropriate documentation of nutritional assessment and recommended intervention in the patient’s chart and/or care plan; reviews the documentation of others regarding nutritional concerns and responds appropriately.
  • Assesses the nutritional status of patients inclusive of lab value interpretation, patient eating patterns, weight maintenance, food/drug interactions, and dietary compliance.
  • Develops strategies to expand nutrition programming and create new initiatives for patients.
  • Coordinate, plan and conduct education programs on nutrition for the Heritage and the community at large.
  • Oversees menu preparations for persons in residential care with restricted diets.
  • Provides ongoing consultation on the performance of the residential program kitchen staff.
  • Teach classes about diet, nutrition, and food service management.
  • Plan, organize, and prepare materials for the classes.
  • Advise on food service operations and weight management issues.
  • Train new workers.
  • Supervise workers who plan, prepare, and serve meals.
  • Analyze the content of food for manufacturers.
  • Selects and distributes patient education materials healthy eating and active living.
  • Identify and collaborate in the pursuit of relevant funding opportunities.
  • Develops diets for patients/clients based on their nutritional information and health.
  • Act as a liaison/advisor to the medical staff and the school based health center staff as requested
  • Assist in the development of strategies to expand nutrition
  • Evaluate how patients/clients respond to their diets.
  • Check that they are following their diets at the residential facilities.
  • Provide group and individual nutrition counseling to students and parents at the Heritage School Based Health Center


  • Must be a graduate of an accredited dietetics bachelor’s and master’s degree program
  • License Registered Dietician/Nutrition in New York State

Special Instructions:

Please submit Cover letter and Resume to recruitment@heritagenyc.org. Please no phone calls.

Compensation Type: Hourly

Job Type: Nutritionist

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